“I used to buy Etro at $3000  for it's fine Italian design and quality. Now I have tried a suit measured by Steve Samson and found even better quality and of course fit. I can easily now buy 2 suits a year. Suits me fine!”

Roland Radu

Tailor Made Grooming Events !

Organizing groomsmen for fitting is like herding cattle. Not all parties are easy to organize. For getting results, Suitstyler has on line measurement forms and accepts pictures so out of towners can get the orders in so the final fitting & party is on time with less stress, more bravado.

When the grooms party is arranged for final try on in Vancouver, Steve Samson will host  for satisfaction. For the special promo there are 45 cloths that Suitstyler offers that you can see at Samsons. To maintain this price we need a minimum of 3 suits. Steve Samson is our contact and will take care of you for measurements and even show you available fabrics.

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*Made to order Tuxes from $395 (must be minimum of 3 persons order tuxes, suits or vest /slacks.).


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Introducing Groom's Tailored Event Group Offer

Now your clients can have custom made suits for

less that half of their off the rack value of $1795 from just $395 * !

 your $100 finders fee ? ( just introduce our web site and this special price)

Introducing Italian production by 

Italian quality with Suitstyler

 Please dont say we are a cheap suit, not nice. We work hard to make quality direct, no retailers overhead.

How it Works
With this kind of quality your groomsmen just may want the opportunity to man-up with a definitive custom suit. You can send them to www.suitstyler.com and they can mention their name and the Party Name e.g Rick G ( Brown Party) and email. Or send us their email at info@suitstyler.com with the Party Name.

Service with Samsons
"Steve has the experience cutting on premise to make the pattern that Suitstyler produces.But it is important that you get the groom in to order ahead of time. Groomsmen can get measurements taken at home or at a tailor shop if they are not available.

Measurements & Local Service by

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